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Real estate success with business magnet Gordon Tang

Chinese entrepreneur Gordon Tang, who is now a permanent resident of Singapore, is a man donning many hats. Mr. Tang started Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in 1995, and soon in 2003, he ventured ahead with Haiyi. With his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, Gordon Tang continued to explore international trade and was investing in real estate in Singapore individually, through condos and strata offices. Things heated up further when the Tangs acquired a controlling interest of 62.2% in SingHaiyi Group, which was previously known as Sing- Xpress Land. Through the same interest and despite being a non-executive director of SingHaiyi, Mr. Tang continues to guide the company. Today, SingHaiyi has considerable investments in China, Malaysia, Singapore and the US, and Mr. Tang is already exploring the choices and options in other markets, including Australia and Europe. In fact, they may have made a mark as SingHaiyi acquired a 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group.

SingHaiyi has also completed The Values – a 500+ condo project in Sengkang and plans to complete a similar one in San Francisco Bay, California, where they acquired a large freehold site. For Mr. Tang, the idea is to look at global real estate with a strategic approach and through right partnerships.

Real estate investor and tycoon Gordon Tang expands globally!

Chinese business tycoon and real estate magnet Mr. Gordon Tang is best known as the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group. In just two decades, Mr. Tang has established himself as a respectable name in global real estate industry. Mr. Tang, his wife and Group Managing Director Mrs. Celine Tang and Non-Executive Chairman Mr. Neil Bush have a long association as business partners of Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC). APIC is involved in owning and managing many hotels in the US. Mr. Tang is also interested in diversifying in other countries and regions and has been eyeing the European and Australian markets. In fact, the group has already gained an exposure in the real estate market of Australia through a stake of 9% in Cromwell Property Group.

Gordon Tang hopes that through acquisitions, collaborations and partnerships, it is possible to revamp and push the real estate industry that has been dealing with varied hardships. He also dons other hats – Mr. Tang is an advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore and President of Cambodia Sailing Federation. His better half Mrs. Tang also works hand-in-hand with him for the group that’s now expanding to many unexpected markets to promote real estate interests.

Real estate investor Gordon Tang quest for new acquisitions

A lot is being written how the global economy isn’t progressing as expected, and this has impacted many industries, including real estate. However, many investors and developers see this as an opportunity for growth and expansion. Chinese entrepreneur and investor Gordon Tang is one of them. Mr. Tang is a part of the SingHaiyi Group, which has considerable investments in the US, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Despite being the non-executive director of SingHaiyi, he has a controlling stake in the company through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. He has been a major guiding force behind many mergers and acquisitions and believes that global perspective about offshore developers is changing rapidly.

Mr. Tang and his wife have been extensively involved in Singapore’s real estate and has individual investments in strata offices and condos. In fact, SingHaiyi also completed a 500+ condo project in Singapore recently. While there’s no denying that entry into selected regional real estate markets will be tough, SingHaiyi and Mr. Tang are already studying European and Australian markets. The group already has a 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group. With assured exposure, Mr. Tang seems to have found a way to acquire and develop distressed real estate assets and is planning to expand in commercial real estate.

Can real estate go global? Chinese business tycoon Gordon Tang shows the way!

Chinese real estate magnet Gordon Tang is known for his business acumen and smart decisions. His vision and passion for the industry has pushed Singapore-listed SingHaiyi Group to explore new dimensions. While he is a non-executive director of SingHaiyi, he has a controlling stake through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. Gordon Tang, along with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang and Mr. Neil Bush, has transformed the way the real estate industry sees offshore investors and developers. Today, Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), for which is partners with Mr. Neil Bush, owns, manages and runs many hotels in the US under the Haiyi brand, while SingHaiyi has many successful acquisitions to its credit.

he company has acquired a 204,300-feet office building called 5 Thomas Mellon Circle in San Francisco Bay, California, which will be demolished to make room for 550-unit waterfront condo project. This is just one of the many feats that the company has achieved under Mr. Tang’s guidance. He is already working on expanding in other continents including Australia and has been studying European markets. SingHaiyi continues to retain its work in Singapore, China, and Malaysia, where it has benefited from Mr. Tang’s strong connections, right investments and partnerships.